Think outside the capsule and craft!

Think outside the capsule and craft!
Vending supplies are not only beneficial to vendors but the general public and crafting moms everywhere! The benefits of purchasing items through a vendor rather than your local craft store however are many. Bulk items such as toys, candy, stickers or temporary tattoos are less expensive and at your fingertips! So, in honor of all crafting moms and gurus out there, this post is for you!

Here are 10+ amazing ways you can use small 1" and 2" inch toy capsules for your crafting ideas! To purchase capsules today please click our link below!…/empty-capsules

1) Teacher ideas!!
Challenge Capsules - Insert a math, spelling, geography, or science question for the student to answer! This encourages the student to interact and maybe score some extra credit!

2) Snowman Garland!
Cute and functional! Nothing says I’m ready for my winter Ugg boots like Holiday crafts!…/…/snowmen-advent-garland.html

3) Light up insect eggs
Great idea for a summer crafting project to enjoy day and night!…

4) Bug-Keeper Pendant
Kids like to keep the creepy crawlings they find out in the yard, might as well make their new little homes cool!…/kid/summer-crafts-ideas-for-kids/…

5) Acorn tree Ornaments
Great idea really for any holiday! Fill it with small gifts, candy or just tinsle!…/snow-globe-ornaments-ma…

6) Ladybug treats
Awesome idea for themed parties! No need for goody bags anymore, just fill a capsule with a small toy, bouncy ball, sticker, temporary tattoo and a piece of candy and bam! You’re the coolest parent on the block!…

7) Acorn Robots
Excellent for a rainy day project! If you’re going to be stuck inside the house with the kids all day, might as well have some fun!

8) Acorns for small storage needs
A mothers need to organize everything is strong. Organizing small crafting items like beads, sequins, glitter, pins and even jewelry when your going on a trip has just become easier!…/ms-alaine-eous-products-acorn…/

9) Advent Calendar
What is more exciting during the holidays then opening a small gift everyday? This idea can work for Advent, Hanukkah and much more!…/

10) Egg Stacking Game!
Use the caps to create a stacking game! He who topples the pile looses! Super fun!

Other capsule ideas:
Capsule tops can also make a colorful garland when strung on some twine!

Croquet friends! Capsules are a great way to fill in any little characters you can croquet or knit together when stuffing isn't enough. The flat bottom of the 2" capsules provides a nice surface for the figure to sit on.

Tooth fairy container!
A good place for your child to stash their tooth so it doesn't get lost! Also, a great place to put their tooth money in for the next morning!


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