Helpful Tips for Set-up, Service & Care for Coin Operated Candy Machines

At ABC Vending Products, we like to help our customers or even folks that are just starting to think about getting into the vending business with tips on repairs, maintenance and care for their machines. Not only do we sell products to fill your machines, but we sell parts and can help you with repairs. Check out this great article about the tools, cleaning products to carry with you and other helpful tips for your vending route.

Set-up, Service and Care

This section is for people just getting started. Once you have your new bulk vending machines there is some prep work needed, mainly unpacking and set-up. We will also cover some service and care tips to keep your machines clean, appealing and in perfect working order.
Tools You Need

Most bulk vending machines come put together but you will need to set-up the stands and attach the machine heads to them. Here is a list of a few tools you will need in order to run your business.

Small Socket Set – Putting the bulk vending stands together, and attaching the bulk vending machines, normally requires a socket set. Because of how the machines are made for best access I use a ¼” socket drive, 3” and 6” extension and both standard and metric small socket sets.

Box Cutter – Great for opening your machine and stand packages when they arrive and other utility purposes. This is a utility must have. I use the small version you can get at Wal-mart for around a dollar.

Small Precision Screwdriver Set – Perfect for using in small areas to remove any product debris. Also new machines have a tendency for the locks to be super tight and turning the key to far can get it stuck and impossible to turn back. I use the tiny screwdrivers to insert into the keyhole and leverage it so that I can turn it back into position

Small Tool Pouch or Tool Box – Obviously to put your tools in to take with you on your route for service calls but also handy to hold spare sets of keys, labels and candy inserts for the globes.
Service tips

When servicing your bulk machines on location it’s important to always be professional and to take good care of your machines. Here are a few tips to help you do it the easy way.

Be Clean and Dress Professionally – You are in a service industry and most likely have some if not mostly gumball and candy machines. No one wants to see you handling food products if you don’t look sanitary.

Disposable Gloves – Potential customers on location might not appreciate you handling gumballs or candy, they might like, with your bare hands. Just like any other food industry stress cleanliness and sanitation when refilling your machines.

Citrus Based Cleaner – You should be cleaning the outside of your machine with every service call. We recommend a full wipe down of both the machine and stand. We also recommend a citrus based cleaner because it will leave a refreshing and pleasant clean smell and the added benefit of deterring ants to approach your machine.

Test Vend – I also like to do a test vend of each machine head after servicing to make sure they are still functioning properly.…/se…/set-up-service-and-care/590

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